2016 FNI Award Nominees

2016 Footnight Award Nominees

(Listed in no particular order.)

2016 FNI Top Team Player Award (Last year’s recipient: Russell Peter)
For the most loyal, efficient and dedicated staffer at Footnight™ events.
Includes regional hosts, door staff, security staff , promoters, event support staff.   

  1. Russell Peter
  2. Ray D
  3. Mr T
  4. Chef Pat
  5. Jacqueline DuMonde
  6. Hanna from Vegas
  7. Claudia from Vegas
  8. Kamel from Long Beach
  9. Dewayne from LA
  10. Jenna Grey
  11. Tad FNI Photographer
  12. Mistress VinylQueen
  13. Warren, Detroit

2016 FNI Top Regional Venue of the year Award  (Last year’s recipient: Dragon’s Gate Orange County, CA)
Most Proficient, Loyal And Consistent Promotion of Footnight™ International Events.

  1. The Vault, Long Beach, CA
  2. Fantasy Lifestyle Club, Las Vegas, NV
  3. The Hustler Club, Detroit MI
  4. Club Joi, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Paul Nathan Magic, San Francisco, CA
  6. Chloe’s Hideaway, San Diego, CA
  7. The Footnight Castle, Toronto, Canada

2016 Power Promoter Award (Last year’s recipient: RavenRae)
Most Proficient, Loyal And Consistent Promotion of Footnight™ International Events.

  1. Russell Peter
  2. Renée Adams
  3. Asia Perez
  4. RavenRae
  5. Ms Justine Cross
  6. Caroline Pierce
  7. Eve Swan
  8. KittyKissin

2016 Miss Congeniality Award (Last year’s recipient: Wicked Wendy)
For Her Warmth, Friendliness & Likability Among Her Peers & Fans At Footnight™ International Events.
The most loved model among her peers and fans!

  1. Diana Crushmoor
  2. Bella
  3. Renée Adams
  4. Heather C
  5. Kat
  6. Tomiko
  7. Eve Swan
  8. Caroline Pierce
  9. Jericha Jem
  10. Koko Kitten
  11. Joclyn Stone
  12. Eden Alexander

2016 Lady IceQueen & Princess Ice Most Fascinating & Captivating Model Award (Last year’s recipient: Mistress Justine Cross)
The Year’s most unique, interesting and fascinating model! A lady who stands out in the crowd, different, independent.. a maverick among models!
This award is in honor of two super special women who were the essence of what this award is all about, mother and daughter Footnight™ models and close friends, Lady IceQueen and Princess Ice.

  1. Goddess Lilith from Boston
  2. Snow Mercy
  3. Isabella Sinclaire
  4. Sky Storm
  5. RavenRae
  6. Princess Marx
  7. SinFisted
  8. Domina DeJanea
  9. Queen Sofia
  10. Mistress Justine Cross
  11. Emy BlackAngel
  12. Mistress Priscilla
  13. Norma Jean
  14. Blair Winters
  15. Quinn Helix
  16. Ms Eden Winter
  17. Skyyandra
  18. Eden Alexander

2016 Most Loyal & Dedicated Award (Last year’s recipients: Renée Adams)
Presented to the Model that has shown the most consistent commitment, loyalty and dedication to Footnight™ throughout the past year.

  1. Renée Adams
  2. Caroline Pierce
  3. Roxie Rae
  4. Bella
  5. Nikki G
  6. Jolene Hexx
  7. KittyKissin
  8. RavenRae
  9. Kat
  10. Felina Rae
  11. Ryan Love
  12. SinFisted
  13. Jericha Jem
  14. Jenna Grey

2016 Breakout Model (Last year’s recipient: Heather C)
As voted by the FNI fans for the impact she has made on the Footnight™ International Fans and events over the past year. (Models need to have participated at Footnight events for minimum 1 year to qualify)

  1. Sky Storm
  2. Emy BlackAngel
  3. Janira Wolfe
  4. Dylan Rose
  5. Heather
  6. Asia Perez
  7. Blair Winters
  8. Kleio Valentien

2016 Sexiest Feet
The year’s sexiest feet as voted by Footnight™ International fans. This will incorporate previous “Most Photogenic Feet” category. (Last year’s recipients: Sexiest Feet: Felina Rae and Most Photogenic Feet: RavenRae)

  1. RavenRae
  2. Bella Badgirl
  3. Felina Rae
  4. Nikki G
  5. Kat
  6. Ryan Love
  7. Miss Bon
  8. Jolene Hexx
  9. Aria Lux
  10. Blair Winters
  11. Miss Eden Winter
  12. Ms Justine Cross
  13. Paulina Deville
  14. Princess Marx
  15. TC
  16. Janira Wolfe
  17. Amanda H
  18. Stella Liberty
  19. Skyyandra
  20. Renée Adams
  21. Snow Mercy
  22. Odette Delacroix

2016 Footnight Favorite New Model
Voted by the Footnight™ International fans for the great impact she has made as a new Footnight model(New Footnight models who have participated at 1 or more Footnight events)

  1. Linda
  2. Stella Liberty
  3. Ember
  4. Madison Lux
  5. Skyyandra
  6. Emy BlackAngel
  7. Janira Wolfe
  8. Diane
  9. Bree from Australia
  10. Sky Storm
  11. Sharon
  12. Kerri
  13. Dani
  14. Eden Alexander

2016 Footnight Performer of the Year
A new category for the model with whom you have enjoyed the most thrilling, exciting, fun, memorable sessions and experiences! Includes last year’s “Entertainer of the Year” category.

  1. Diana Crushmoor
  2. Miss Bon
  3. Ryan Love
  4. SinFisted
  5. Princess Marx
  6. Liz Lightspeed
  7. Caroline Pierce
  8. RavenRae
  9. Felina Rae
  10. Amanda H
  11. Jolene Hexx
  12. Tomiko
  13. Janira Wolfe
  14. Heather
  15. Blair Winters
  16. Joclyn Stone

2016 Footnight Top Trampler Award
Due to popular request, we’ve re-added the Footnight Top Trampler Award! The “Human Red Carpet” has something special to look forward to with this award!

  1. RavenRae
  2. Diana Crushmoor
  3. Wicked Wendy
  4. Jolene Hexx
  5. Janira Wolfe
  6. Kleio Valentien
  7. Miss Bon
  8. KittyKissin
  9. Snow Mercy
  10. Goddess Lilith

2016 Miss Footnight (Last year’s recipient: Renee Adams)
The most highly coveted Footnight award of all! Presented to the Footnight model with the most outstanding overall qualities, the impressionable impact & contribution she has made to Footnight™ International, and her ability to represent FNI in the most professional manner possible.   This prestigious award will now incorporate previous “Fan Favorite Model” & “Most Popular Model” categories.

  1. Isabella Sinclaire
  2. Snow Mercy (late addition due to popular request!)
  3. Princess Marx
  4. Felina Rae
  5. SinFisted
  6. Jolene Hexx
  7. Asia Perez
  8. Odette Delacroix
  9. RavenRae
  10. Miss Eden Winter
  11. Diana Crushmoor
  12. Miss Bon
  13. Bella Badgirl
  14. Joclyn Stone
  15. Selena Seti