2017 FNI Award Winners

January 28, 2016

Beautiful and astonishing Isabella Sinclaire is the new 2017 Miss Footnight!

Huge congrats to long time Footnight Model Isabella Sinclaire, for being crowned 2017 Miss Footnight Model of the Year, on January 26, 2017 at Footnight Internationals premier Footnight Annual Foot Party & Awards Presentations!

Success and accomplishment is nothing new to Isabella.
“Easy on the eyes, hard on everything else.” This tag line defines the woman who has become an international pillar of the fetish community since 1993. Highly regarded amongst her fans and contemporaries, and having been featured in many areas of the public eye, including television, magazines, lectures, seminars, radio, public events and performances, she remains one of the world’s most sought after Dominas.
Isabella received the Footnight International’s esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016, is the founder/owner of the hugely successful Gwen Media and Ivy Manor Videos and She remains very much a part of the fetish community and continues to hold lectures and training sessions, both privately and publicly throughout the world.

We are proud to have such an esteemed, professional and beautiful woman as Footnight’s new representative and know that she will represent Footnight International with exceptional honor and esteem! See more about Isabella at: http://www.isabellasinclaire.com

A special thanks to the amazing 2016 Miss Footnight Snow Mercy for being such a fantastic year as Miss Footnight in 2016. She has been a sensational representative of FNI and will no doubt continue to do so as an integral member of the Footnight Family.

2017 Footnight International Award Winners

There were a huge number of votes from the Footnight fans, models, and the foot fetish community. Some categories produced very definite results, while most were extremely tight among the top 3 to 5 nominees.

There are several thousand Footnight Models and many Footnight Hosts and staffers; so just being nominated is a true honor. There were certainly no losers, but here are the winners of the various award categories:

2017 FNI Award Winners

2017 Miss Footnight International
Isabella Sinclaire

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award
Joclyn Stone

FNI Honor Club Recipients
Reneé Adams
Snow Mercy
Princess Marx
Kat from Vegas
Erotic Nikki
Felina Rae
Ms Eden Winter

2017 FNI Sexiest Feet
Stella Liberty

2017 FNI Fan Favorite Award
Asia Perez

2017 FNI Favorite New Model
Mistress Onyxx

2017 FNI Top Trampler Award

2017 FNI Lady IceQueen & Princess Ice
Most Fascinating Model
Raven Rae

2017 FNI Most Alluring & Captivating
Erotic Nikki

2017 FNI Top Performer Award
Erotic Nikki

2017 FNI Shining Star Award
Sky Terrapin
Eden Alexander

2017 FNI Most Photogemic Model
Jolene Hexx

2017 FNIMost Photogenic Feet
Janira Wolfe

2017 FNI Most Charismatic
Sin Twisted

2017 FNI Most Loyal & Dedicated
Joclyn Stone

2017 FNI Miss Congeniality
Reneé Adams (2nd Year in a row)

2017 FNI Best Personality
Joclyn Stone

2017 FNI Power Promoter Award
Baroness Kitty

2017 FNI WOW! Award
Nikki G

2017 FNI Superb Showing Award

2017 FNI Galactic Gratitude Award
Jacqueline DuMonde

2017 FNI Star Service Award
Chef Pat

2017 FNI Ace of Initiative Award
Russell Peter

2017 FNI Model Whisperer Award
Mr T

2017 FNI Favorite Venue Award
Risqué Vegas

Thanks to all for attending and helping make this such a great, memorable night!

And a special thanks to Jacqueline DuMonde for doing such a great job managing this busy event, Operations Manager Ray D for his invaluable help and presence, Russell Peter for his hard work in helping coordinate and set up the event, Mr T the Foot Whisperer for the great job he did as Emcee of the awards, Chef Pat for the delicious food he cooked, Sharp for his hard work in event setup and customer service!

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Footnight!